Jesus Christ rescues and renews those who trust and follow him. God made us to glorify and enjoy him, but we have all become something less than what we were created to be. Though God made us like himself to reflect, express, amplify and convey his beauty and grandeur, through our own choices and the choices of others, we have become corrupted, guilty, hurting and helpless. God rescues sinners made in his image from the consequences of sin in a fallen world, their own sin and the sins of others. He became a human being and lived a perfect life, doing all that we have failed to do and are incapable of doing. He died on a cross as a sacrificial substitute, enduring in his own body the punishment we all deserve. He rose from the dead and gives life to his people, bringing them into his family, changing them from the inside out, and enabling them to glorify and enjoy God now and forever.